Torino – 25-26 marzo 2011 – bloody beast fest 2# – Mezcal Squat

  Torino – 25-26 marzo 2011 – bloody beast fest 2# – Mezcal Squat

bloody beast fest 2#

2 giorni benefit “inguaiati con la legge”

2 giorni di grindcore-hardcore, 24 gruppi, benefit per inguaiati con la legge, distribuzioni, banchetti di autoproduzione e molto altro…

2 days of hardcore-grindcore, Benefit “inguaiati con la legge”

Place for distro, Free camping, Free trade of DIY products (write us if you need help to organize a table!!)



*25 March*

18.00 Skarsfukkers (Italy, Fastcore)

18.40 Slaughter in the Vatican (Italy, Thrashcore)

19.20 K.A.N.G. (Lithuania, Moshcore)

20.00 Olocausto (Italy, Grindcore)

20.40 SxBxCx (Ex NxIxSx – Italy, Thrashcore)

21.20 Necrovile (Romania, Brutal Death)

22.00 GxFxTx (Lithuania, Thrashpunk)

22.40 Die Hards (Slovacchia, Noise ChaosPunx)

23.20 Kazamate (Italy, Oldscholl HC)

00.00 The Cyclops (Spain, Thrash-Hardcore)

00.40 Execucao (Italy, Hardcore since 1999)

01.20 Everything I Hate (Italy, hardcore)


*26 March*

18.00 Cacotopia (italy,rap hardcore)

18.40 Lacarne (Italy, Sludgecore)

19.20 ShitFuckingShit (Italy, Grindcore)

20.00 Zeit Geist (Italy, Grindcore)

20.40 Magmatron (Italy, Grindcore)

21.20 Drunkards (Italy, Hardcore)

22.00 Clitgore (Romania, GoreGrind)

22.40 VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (Austria, Goregrind)

23.20 Repulsione (Italy, PowerViolence)

00.00 Primordial Sound (Belgium, NoiseCore)

00.40 Yattai (France Noisecore)

01.20 Suppurated (Italy, Fullcontact Grind)

Dj-Set – Thrash, Hardcore, Grindcore, Goregrind, Noisecore, 80’s, 90’s, Discotrash and much more

“Sponsored By”: Distrozione, Peretta Core, Syro GxExTx, Plaf Zine, Aima Records, Lacultura, AvisOdia and much more…

“Powered By”: Asilo Occupato, Mezcal Squat, El Paso

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